Clean Code

My equipment consists of an 8 ton tipper truck and the following
743B Bobcat which is approximately1.55m (5’2″) wide and 1.9m (6’4″) High fitted with a 4 in 1 Bucket which means it can Rip, Dig, Scrape, and Bulldoze.
It handles most jobs with ease.

The post hole borer has 150mm(6″) and 300mm (12″) which bores to a depth of 1.5m (5′) or 450mm (18″) which bores to a depth of 2.1m (7′)

The trenching attachment has carbide tipped teeth and digs a trench approximately 100mm (4″) wide and up to 1.2m (4′) deep

Chip & Block Earthmoving is an owner operated business based in Mount Compass

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